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MNC, Startup, Agency and Scale-up - Which Should You Join?
4 min read

MNC, Startup, Agency and Scale-up - Which Should You Join?

MNC, Startup, Agency and Scale-up - Which Should You Join?

When you’re looking to make your next move as a software engineer, it can be difficult to pick between a startup, agency, scale-up, or MNC. Each type of company comes with a different job scope.  

A software engineering role at a startup or scale-up can be fast-paced and deadline-driven.

An agency, on the other hand, will give you the chance to work on a variety of projects, possibly with uncommon or the latest in technology.

A corporate company may give you more stability or even the potential to earn more as you climb the corporate ladder.

Below, we’ll go through what is expected at each type of company, the job scope that could be required, and the skills you should consider building if you’re looking to shift.

Working at a Startup

Startups are companies that are relatively new or starting from scratch. As a software engineer or developer in a startup, you’ll be a part of new infrastructure, an emerging company brand, and establishing industry relationships.

The job scope in a startup will give you exposure to challenging projects and complex problems. The environment is likely fast-paced, where developers are always learning and therefore grow quickly in both skill sets and level of experience.

Due to the lean nature of some startups, you could be expected to be more than just a developer. Your responsibilities may include client-facing or other business-related tasks.

The perks of working in a startup usually range from exposure to the latest technology, acquiring company equity and working in a fast-paced yet flexible environment. You’ll likely be working on greenfield projects related to your core product.

Working at an Agency

Agencies are businesses that have client work outsourced to them, or deploy software engineers to a client-sided business.

Software engineers in an agency are usually working on multiple projects.  When a project is completed, you will then move onto the next client’s needs and be expected to learn the ropes of the new project quickly.

The job scope of agency work can be demanding for software developers. Client expectations are usually high and long hours can be required when working towards important deadlines.

The perks of working in an agency are that you will gain exposure to complex projects and technologies across various projects. You will also likely work alongside other talented developers, gaining opportunities to grow your skill set quickly.

Agencies are now also focusing on offering developers much more competitive rates in order to secure the very best talent.

Working in a Scale-Up

Scale-ups, much like startups, are all about growth. While a startup company hires software developers to get started, the job scope of a scale-up involves quickly growing an already established product or brand.

Software engineers in scale-ups are generally focused on improving the current product and adding new key features.

You will be expected to deliver a high output with tight deadlines, which in turn will help you to quickly develop expertise in your niche domains.

Scale-ups offer you the opportunity to learn fast and to become an expert in a particular stack. As you’ll be working with a team during their growth period, there may also be leadership opportunities that you will benefit from down the line.

Working Within a Corporate Company

Historically, MNCs (multinational corporations) have leaned towards the 9 - 5 model. Sometimes, developers may spend longer on the job, especially if something goes offline or if there is an immediate crisis that needs to be solved.

The benefits of working in an MNC are that corporates usually hire for the long-term and are able to offer good pay and career prospects.

When working in corporate environments, you will usually work only on one brand or product and continue to build or refine this solution. The experience you gain will help you to become a specialist in your chosen industry.

Working in an MNC will usually give you opportunities such as global transfers, business perks and other company rights. You’ll also work alongside large development teams that are broken into smaller units for project-specific work, which could give you the chance to learn from a pool of talented and experienced developers.

Preparing For Your Ideal Company

Given the differences in job scope, the “right” company for you may change throughout your journey as a software developer.

While you may be focused on ramping up your skill set in the early years, you might be drawn to the bigger corporate companies and what they can offer you later on in your career.

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