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How to Hire the Perfect Developer to Make an App
6 min read

How to Hire the Perfect Developer to Make an App

If you have never hired a programmer to build an app before, here are several tips that can help you hire the perfect developer to build your app.
How to Hire the Perfect Developer to Make an App

A lot of business owners are a little daunted by the task of hiring an app developer for the first time. That’s understandable.

In most cases, they’re only doing it because they (and the rest of the company) lack the tech knowledge to develop the app themselves… which means they’re also not sure what to look for in candidates for the job.

They have a basic idea of what the developer should be able to do, sure. But they typically aren’t sure what technical skills guarantee such capabilities, what to look for, what to expect, etc.

If you’re in this boat and have never hired a programmer to build an app before, we’ll help you out. Today, we’ll reveal several tips that can help you hire the perfect developer to build your app.

Look for a developer with relevant experience

Okay, so you know you need a developer who specialises in apps. But even within the area of app development, there are multiple areas of specialty.

An app developer could specialise in creating apps for Shopping, Productivity, Entertainment, Sports, Business, Social Networking… the list goes on and on!

As much as possible, you want to get a developer who has extensive experience building apps in the same category as your intended app.

That being said, there are some cases where you should consider a developer even if their experience is mostly from a different category.

For example, if an app developer’s bread and butter has been game development, don’t rule him out yet. You see, gaming apps are usually among the more complicated apps to code.

Hence, if a developer has created some well-received gaming apps, that’s an indicator of programming skill. He should be able to handle most other app development tasks due to that.

Try to find developers who understand design

Design is big: it ties right into how the app works and is perceived by users. Some even say that app design can determine whether or not an app succeeds.

Unfortunately, not all developers can do app design. That’s actually why you often have to hire a designer on top of a developer, and why you find the two working together in app agencies.

Now if you’re open to hiring a designer separately, good. The same if you intend to work out most of the design yourself.

But even in such cases, having a developer who “gets” design is still important. He can help you identify weaknesses in your app design, mesh function and design elements more easily, and comprehend your UX needs better.

Overall, good design abilities are hugely useful in a developer. And if you decide that you’d like the developer to help do the design after all, then they become vital.

Check user reviews of each developer’s past apps

This is a great way to find out whether or not a developer’s work is worth your while. The users are best-placed to assess apps, after all!

Just about any developer can create an app, but not every developer will be able to create a good one.

Look in particular for user reviews that indicate bugs or glitchy behaviour in the developer’s apps. If there are a lot of these across his previous work, you should look elsewhere.

Choose developers you can actually talk to

The best developers make communication easy: they know how to build relationships with clients to ensure their satisfaction.

This is crucial because app development isn’t something that happens as a one-off event. It’s something that happens in stages -- you go through brainstorming, usability testing, tweaking, user feedback, redesign, etc.

That’s why you need an app developer you can interact with easily. What’s more, you should look for someone who both grasps your idea for an app and finds it and your business interesting.

If the developer has genuine interest in what he’s doing, he’s more likely to produce quality work. It also helps him tap into the key motivations behind the app he’s building, which benefits you.

Ask for a development timeline from each developer

You want someone who can work efficiently, because many developers ask to be paid by the hour. However, you don’t want someone who’ll sacrifice quality for speed!

As such, it’s important to find a developer capable of balancing the two things. A good way to assess candidates in that respect is to ask them to provide you with an expected timeline of the process.

Ask them how long they estimate it will take from planning to release. Have them break that timeline down into milestones and gauge the time it will take to reach each milestone.

The more complex your app is, the longer it will take. For instance, a simple app that uses templates and gets stored on the user’s device will probably take only 150 or so hours.

Switch to server-based game apps that rely on tech like Unity 3D and you may end up looking at development timescales running into 500 hours and more.

If you’re not sure if a developer’s pitched timescale is reasonable or not, research the industry average for similar apps. You can also compare the timeframes proposed by your top candidates.

Ask them to explain what happens at each stage too. This is so you get an idea of just how organised they are about their projects.

Note, by the way, that you can also try to find developers willing to use the timeline as the meter for payment. It can be better than just paying developers flat rates for potentially endless hours spent on development.

For instance, every time the developer reaches a milestone, he gets paid. That keeps the project moving while motivating the developer to hit key goals in the app’s development.

Consider getting recruitment assistance to find the ideal developer

While all of the previous tips should help you whittle down your options, they won’t help much if you don’t have options in the first place! Fortunately, there are a lot of channels you can use to find app developers now.

For instance, it’s possible to look for them via job posting sites and recruitment boards. You can even try websites like LinkedIn and Indeed.

The downside to most of these is that you’ll have to do a lot of the legwork just to find and sift through candidates yourself. Even with the tips above, that can still represent a massive investment of time and effort.

So, if you want to cut down the time and labour involved while also getting help locating the perfect developer for your needs, consider professional recruitment services like Skilledd.

Skilledd can help you find the perfect developer for your project with ease. With its massive database of offshore developers, you’ll be certain to find someone with the skills you need.

What’s more, Skilledd takes most of the work away from your research. This is because it allows you to specify your needs down to granular points -- including your demands in terms of company culture and even communication.

Skilledd will then find suitable candidates based on those parameters, after which it will present the closest and highest-quality matches as recommendations.

Head over to Skilledd now and begin interviewing the best app developers for your task ASAP.